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3 Careers With High Job Security

Balance Careers January 1, 2019

Finding a great job with a good salary is one thing, but today what people are most concerned with is the security of knowing they will be able to hold on to that job for a while. Job security is just as important to many people as the paycheck and benefits.

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Was Your Termination An Act of Discrimination?

Balance Careers December 7, 2018

A job termination can be a terribly stressful time in your life. However, if you believe you were terminated as an act of discrimination, then you should realize that you have options available to you.

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7 Ways For Job Seekers To Pick Up Extra Cash This Holiday Season

Balance Careers November 11, 2018

Most people could use some extra cash during the holidays, and if you're a job seeker, you may find yourself stressed about the prospect of holiday expenses. Here are some ways to get some cash into your pocket quickly.

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How to Find a Job After Doing Jail Time

Balance Careers October 9, 2018

Finding a new job is hard enough, but throw in a few obstacles, such as an arrest record, and you can really start to get discouraged. The good news is that even those with a record of arrest and even jail time can still find a job and move on with their life. Here are a few things to keep in mind during your job search if you have and arrest record or have done jail time.

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4 New Employment Background Screening Trends

Balance Careers September 13, 2018

An increasing number of companies are creating formalized background screening processes for their businesses to ensure the best hiring decisions are made. Awareness of these protocols can allow you to prepare for interviews and stand out from the pack.

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